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Is the bigger the casters, the more stable?


The development of household casters is more and more extensive, now people for different use requirements, will also require different casters specifications.Castor manufacturers can also according to the needs of different consumers of furniture caster products produced various specifications, cas

Medical truckle


Medical truckleToday we are going to talk about medical casters. In our daily life, various casters (hardware, furniture, industry), such as wheelbarrow casters, box casters, industrial shelf casters, etc., are generally made of rubber, foaming EVA, PU and other materials, and have an odor or noise

Basic specification construction of universal caster


Basic specification construction of universal casterIt is well known that casters are generally composed of brackets and wheels. The brackets are usually made of metal, but they are also made of plastic. Plastic stents are commonly referred to as all-plastic stents, and they are used in the medical

Universal casters


Universal castersThe caster is arguably the simplest invention, and it has changed the way people move things around. It can be said that the emergence of casters is a revolution and progress.Industrial casters are mainly used in trolleys, mobile scaffolding, shelving and other aspects. In other res

Wheelbarrow caster


Wheelbarrow casterIn the supermarket industry, trolleys are so widely used that they can be found in almost every large supermarket. Trolleys are usually equipped with casters for us to move around while we shop. Wheelbarrows still account for a large proportion of all trades and professions. So, wh

How to deal with the rust of casters accessories?


How to deal with the rust of casters accessories?We are in the process of using castor, will encounter many problems, such as castor rust problem, so is a universal casters, but actually castor rust problem is very common, can be said to be normal, universal casters rust will affect castor overall b

How to solve the problem of rust?


How to solve the problem of rust?The same industrial casters, why some easy to rust, and some are not easy to rust. As is known to all, casters placed in a wet place easy to rust casters, and placed in a dry place is not easy to rust; Casters exposed to the air is easy to rust, paint casters product

Casters industry trend


Casters industry trendIn recent years, the industrial caster industry has developed rapidly. Most casters have embarked on the road of expansion, opening different channels and directions, and even different industries have begun to use casters. In view of this, the development trend of the whole ca

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