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Industrial caster wheel brakes and precautions


In daily life, the application of caster wheel is already very common; with the different application occasions and effects of casters, the caster wheel styles used will be different. In recent years, the use of caster wheel brakes is very common, because with the needs of caster applications, brakes have become an indispensable accessory for caster wheel. The brake is what we often say, the braked caster wheel can control its steering and movement, and improve the performance of the caster wheel.

What is a conductive caster wheel?


Conductive wheels are generally suitable for eliminating static electricity in the work area of ​​the factory and are silent. For example: electronic factories, some military industrial enterprises, etc. Some electronic factories need to install conductive wheels in order not to affect the conductive performance of electronic products. Some factories need to install anti-static casters in order to maintain the good performance of the machine, which is used to absorb the discharged static electricity around, because the surface of any object Both are conductive and will generate an electrostatic magnetic field.

Why are the sales of industrial caster wheel getting hotter?


The industrial caster is a single wheel made of super polyurethane, imported reinforced nylon and rubber. It has good strength and impact resistance. It is widely used in the production of factories or machinery and equipment, and is related to people's daily life. Getting closer. Under the current background of in-depth economic development, why are the sales of industrial casters getting hotter and hotter? This is not unrelated to the applicability of industrial casters themselves.

How to consider the appropriate weight for industrial heavy caster wheel?


The choice of industrial heavy-duty casters must first consider the site you use and the environment you use. Choose a wheel large enough to fit the crack in the scene. Also consider the size of the road surface, obstacles and other factors.

What are the elements that need to be referenced when choosing a freezer caster wheel?


The freezer caster is an important accessory for moving the freezer. The quality of the freezer caster directly affects the moving effect of the freezer in real life. So when choosing the freezer caster, what aspects can you consider? Da Shi Caster believes that everyone can choose from the following seven points.

What are the advantages of heavy duty caster wheel?


Casters are used on many tools and are very convenient accessories. Let us take a look at the advantages of heavy-duty casters.

How can I maximize the use of polyurethane caster wheel?


Maximize the use of polyurethane caster wheel1. General safe operation of caster wheel.2. Check the structure and fasteners of the equipment.3.Maintenance and inspection of caster wheel.4.Caster wheel brake repair and inspection

Now that electrical appliances are so popular, do you know anything about electrical caster wheel?


Electric caster wheel can be roughly divided into four types, namely H type, W type, C type and U type.

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