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caster wheel bracket

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Industrial caster wheel brakes and precautions


In daily life, the application of caster wheel is already very common; with the different application occasions and effects of casters, the caster wheel styles used will be different. In recent years, the use of caster wheel brakes is very common, because with the needs of caster applications, brakes have become an indispensable accessory for caster wheel. The brake is what we often say, the braked caster wheel can control its steering and movement, and improve the performance of the caster wheel.

How to quickly determine the screw size of the screw caster wheel?


Today, I will share with you the method of confirming the size of the screw caster with the 1 yuan people's banknotes. First of all, we took out a 1 yuan people's banknote, as shown below: Then we put the screw up and compared with the numbers in the lower left corner. Note that there is no "1" among the numbers to be compared, because if there is a number "1", it will cause an error in the comparison result.

What are the methods of galvanizing caster wheel?


As we all know, everyone knows that the galvanizing of casters is actually a layer of zinc on the surface of the caster alloy. It is mainly a surface treatment technology that plays a role in appearance and anti-rust. However, there are many methods for galvanizing casters, and various galvanizing methods are used in different places.

What are the elements that need to be referenced when choosing a freezer caster wheel?


The freezer caster is an important accessory for moving the freezer. The quality of the freezer caster directly affects the moving effect of the freezer in real life. So when choosing the freezer caster, what aspects can you consider? Da Shi Caster believes that everyone can choose from the following seven points.

How to prevent the industrial caster wheel bracket from rusting?


The surface treatment of casters is an important measure to effectively prevent casters from rusting. Its main methods are divided into galvanizing and electrophoresis. The two methods are widely used not only because of their unique anti-rust effect, but also Other advantages are as follows:

Can the universal caster wheel be fixed with only three nails?


Can the universal caster wheel be fixed with only three nails?Some friends always like to have whimsy when using the universal caster wheel. They actually asked the question that the universal caster wheel can be fixed with only three nails.

How is the surface of the caster wheel bracket handled?


How is the surface of the caster wheel bracket handled?

The difference between caster wheel bracket electrophoresis and galvanized


Caster bracket galvanized and electrophoresis.Common features of caster bracket galvanized and electrophoresis.

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