Why do caster wheel manufacturers test caster wheel before shipment?
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Why do caster wheel manufacturers test caster wheel before shipment?

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1. Impact test

When the caster wheel manufacturers deliver again, they must conduct a comprehensive test of the quality of the caster wheel. The product of the caster wheel within a certain period of time has a bad or even cannot be used. The furniture is often easily affected due to its type, weight and other characteristics. In deciding whether the smooth caster wheel should have good impact resistance. Standard Test Method for Crash Tests in Europe Castors: Vertical reverse test platform caster wheel mounted on the ground to weigh 5 kg from a height of 200 mm, a tolerance of 3 mm, the position of the free-fall impact caster wheel, if two rounds and two rounds of impact . Throughout the experiment, no part of the continuous casting machine was allowed to separate. After the experiment is completed, the rotation or braking function of the shaft should not be damaged.


2. Performance test

When testing this performance, the caster wheel should be kept dry and clean. Place the caster wheel on a metal plate insulated from the ground, maintain contact between the wheel side and the metal plate, and place 5% to 10% of the rated load on the caster wheel. The insulation resistance tester is used to measure the resistance between the wheel and the metal plate. For conductive caster wheel, the resistance value does not exceed 104 ohms, and the resistance of antistatic caster wheel should be between 105 ohms and 107 ohms.


3.Static load test

The caster wheel should always run smoothly on the ground, but it is almost a pure theoretical state. On uneven roads, or when crossing thresholds, tracks, and pits, the caster wheel will briefly leave the ground. Therefore, when an overload or 4 of the 3 caster wheel come into contact with the ground, the entire furniture must be loaded. In the static load test of the European standard caster wheel, the screw will be fixed on the steel caster wheel test platform in a horizontally smooth direction, along the direction of the center of gravity of the force: 800n 24h, except for the test state, the power caster wheel will not deform after the experiment and exceed 3% of the caster wheel diameter for 24 hours , Rolling caster wheel and completed experiments, the brake function on the shaft or rotation is not damaged is qualified.


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