Which is better for storage equipment caster wheel?
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Which is better for storage equipment caster wheel?

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With the rise of domestic manufacturing, the world knows madeinchina, made in China! And because of the development of these various entities, it has also led to the development of the warehousing field. A lot of warehousing equipment has been born. The storage equipment needs convenient and flexible movement, and it requires caster wheel. We use the caster wheel used in this type of equipment. Called storage equipment caster wheel. So the question is coming, which one is better? How to choose, today Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., caster wheel Factory will tell you which kind of storage equipment caster wheel is good?

1. Wheelbarrow caster wheel

Wheelbarrow caster wheel is typically a trolley used in a warehouse. The use of such transportation tools is very frequent, and it is not only used in warehouses. It is found in supermarkets, factories, transportation, logistics and other industries. Therefore, our XX caster wheel are not only specialized in the production of such storage equipment caster wheel, that is, our trolley caster wheel, but also specialized in producing a full set of flat trolleys. In fact, here can be divided into loading and unloading equipment. Some non-motorized equipment of this type uses caster wheel. Industrial caster wheel and heavy-duty caster wheel are usually used.

2. Shelf caster wheel

Shelf is one of the important storage equipment. Although many shelves do not need caster wheel, there are still many scenes where caster wheel are needed. Although we do not specifically call them shelf caster wheel, they are also based on their load capacity and use environment. Parts and accessories are required, because the shelf is used to store goods, and the load usually varies according to the type of shelf, so most cases use heavy duty caster wheel, even super heavy duty caster wheel.

3. Measuring equipment caster wheel

There is a type of measuring equipment in the storage equipment, so there are hundreds of information used to measure the weight, size, barcode and other goods of the goods: such as Goodscan volume measuring instrument, in order to move conveniently, then you need to use caster wheel. This type of equipment needs to be stable and requires industrial caster wheel.

4. caster wheel material selection

According to the specific use environment, such as high temperature environment, use metal caster wheel, or other high temperature resistant caster wheel, and in corrosive environments, you need to use nylon caster wheel, rubber caster wheel, etc.


In short, the storage equipment caster wheel does not refer to which type of caster wheel, but because it is used in storage equipment. The specific type of caster wheel corresponding to the caster wheel factory is actually different. For example, if there is a demand from major storage equipment manufacturers, Contact us directly!

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