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Wheelbarrow caster

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Wheelbarrow caster

In the supermarket industry, trolleys are so widely used that they can be found in almost every large supermarket. Trolleys are usually equipped with casters for us to move around while we shop. Wheelbarrows still account for a large proportion of all trades and professions. So, what are some ways to get a quality handcart caster?

Purchasing trolley casters, want to consider trundle bearing capacity, the bearing capacity of the trolley must consider various factors, consider as there are many situation, such as supermarket of the heavier weight and often there will be some commodities children sitting on a cart, trolley its weight must also be factored into computing capacity, safety factor as far as possible choose taller, to fully guarantee the safe usage of trolley.


And then the wheel is the size of choice, although the caster wheel size, the greater the push up the effort, but the cart caster wheel size is not the bigger the better, in order to let customers to use when shopping cart promote the light, and can effectively control, advised to choose a size in 3 to 5 inches of castor, of course in some supermarkets in recent years, there is a small cart, on the caster wheel size selection can also choose a smaller size slightly.

After is the collocation of casters, trolley generally is collocation of two directional casters and two universal casters or universal wheel add two universal belt brake caster, caster and the choice of material is also very important, trolley castor material can choose super polyurethane wheel or nylon, these two kinds of material are very suitable indoor ground, because of its characteristics such as high strength and mute, is suitable in hotel, hospital, etc used in high places.

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