What spring is used for shock-absorbing caster wheel?
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What spring is used for shock-absorbing caster wheel?

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What spring is used for shock-absorbing caster wheel?

Caster wheel are still one of the important tools widely used in various industries and fields. With the development, caster wheel have also developed many different types. Shock-absorbing caster wheel are one of them. The outstanding feature of shock-absorbing caster wheel is springs. There is one, and some have two, so what spring are we going to talk about today?


1. Metal spring

The spring itself is also a kind of spare parts. It is a common accessory in various industrial products. It is also very widely used. It is used in switches, load cells, load cells, spring scales, etc., but it may not be known by many people. Typical The caster spring is used to dampen the caster. Because of the wide range of uses of springs, the classification of springs is particularly complicated, but overall, metal springs are mostly used on shock-absorbing caster wheel. Because they need good endurance and long life, high-quality metal springs are often used.

2.Vibration-absorbing spring

But in general, if you look at the function, the main functions of the spring are:

First. Control the movement of machinery
Common control springs in clutches and valve springs in internal combustion engines, etc .

Second. absorb shock and impact energy
Commonly used are sofa seat springs, buffer springs under train compartments, and vibration-absorbing springs in couplings; here, the shock-absorbing caster wheel fit this second point exactly, so the springs for shock-absorbing caster wheel are vibration-absorbing springs.

Third. Store and output energy as power
Commonly used are clock springs, springs in firearms, etc.

3. Purchase springs directly with spring manufacturers

Because springs and other spare parts are also hardware parts with high professional requirements, usually caster factories do not generate springs themselves, but directly purchase shock-absorbing metal springs that meet their needs.

In short, the springs used in shock-absorbing caster wheel are usually vibration-absorbing springs in metal springs, and because the spring itself is also a high-demand hardware, usually the caster factory directly purchases shock-absorbing metal springs with spring manufacturers!


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