What should I do when the industrial caster wheel are degummed or burst?
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What should I do when the industrial caster wheel are degummed or burst?

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What should I do when the industrial caster wheel are degummed or burst?

Generally speaking, if the industrial caster wheel used by customers often move and push, then we must carry out a weight walking test on the samples of the industrial caster wheel produced before leaving the factory, or if the customer has special requirements, relevant tests will be carried out to prevent The production of defective products improves the quality of industrial caster wheel, so an industrial caster wheel manufacturer is very critical to the quality inspection of products. When the industrial caster wheel are degummed and burst, the quality of the products should be strengthened.


Wear resistance test of industrial caster wheel under heavy load:

1. Test purpose: To test whether the industrial caster wheel produced meet the requirements to ensure product quality.

2. Ambient temperature: No special environmental requirements, ordinary indoor environment is sufficient.

3. Test instrument: Caster wheel multi-function testing machine.

4. Walking obstacle height: The soft wheel is 3% of the wheel diameter, the hard wheel is absent, the obstacle is at a 45° angle to the wheel's walking direction, and the two obstacles are placed alternately.

5. Test timing: After the single wheel injection molding, the product is completely cooled, and the bracket is riveted to complete the assembled product.

6. Tread hardness: TPU (85A-100A), TPE/TPR (65A-90A).

7. Test standard: Mainly implemented according to customer standard requirements.

8. All randomly sampled products in normal production are loaded at 1.2 times the normal load capacity and walk continuously for 5 hours; the incoming test is carried at 1.2 times the load of conventional load capacity and continuously walks for 8 hours without cracks, flaking and excessive local wear on the tires; There are no abnormal damage and permanent deformation affecting the use of various parts of the industrial caster wheel. The bearing rotates normally, without looseness and jamming.


The benefits of industrial caster wheel weight-bearing walking test are many. It can detect the service life of this caster wheel in long-term working conditions. In the same production process, the comparison of industrial caster wheel produced by different materials can identify the good quality of the caster wheel materials. With bad.

In the current environment driven by this interest, some industrial caster wheel manufacturers use reclaimed materials (some of which have been recycled many times, the toughness is very poor, and it is easy to disconnect) in order to reduce their own costs, not just There are many burrs. More differences are poor transparency, dull color, poor elasticity, poor high temperature resistance, and easy to break. Therefore, these factors can cause the overall performance of industrial caster wheel to deteriorate. As buyers and consumers, they should strengthen their awareness in this regard in order to better protect their own rights and interests.

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