What kinds of competition modes exist in the universal caster wheel industry?
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What kinds of competition modes exist in the universal caster wheel industry?

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The competition for universal casters is getting fiercer. Whether it is the most widely used PU wheel or a round of high-temperature special performance, it has an impact in a competitive environment. So how do we survive in such a competitive environment? Obviously everyone will think of the so-called enemy war, and Not dangerous. How to gain opportunities in competition requires analyzing competitors and the overall market environment.

1. The way of market competition

For universal casters, they have a wide range of products and a wide range of applications. For the downstream application market, universal casters are hardware accessories. From a technical point of view, the universal technology of the universal wheel is uncertain, and raw materials play an important role in the performance of the product. In terms of investment, compared with high-tech industries and emerging industries, the demand for capital is relative. Therefore, the competition points of enterprises mainly focus on the two aspects of products and prices.

2. Market competition pattern

The impact of the downstream market of the universal caster industry, and the downstream market is mainly concentrated in China's Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Therefore, the market distribution of China's casters is mainly concentrated in three regions. According to statistics, Wanxiang enterprises in the three regions of the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim account for 3/4 of the country.


3. Product competition

For the universal caster industry, the quality, variety and style of casters produced and operated by the company win more customers than other similar products. In recent years, with the emergence of personalized needs of enterprises, universal casters have also begun to provide customized services for customers.

4. Price competition

In the world of universal casters, the homogeneity of enterprise products is a reality that cannot be ignored. Therefore, in order to occupy a dominant position in market competition, price is a factor that cannot be ignored. With the intensification of industry competition, price has become an important means for enterprises to attract customers.

Under the influence of the general environment, the products of the universal caster will fall into a price war. Some manufacturers of universal casters will produce inferior products in order to reduce product costs, and gradually phase out under the influence of industry prices, it is difficult to last.

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