What are the speed requirements when buying industrial caster wheel?
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What are the speed requirements when buying industrial caster wheel?

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Industrial caster wheel are widely used in trolleys, mobile scaffolding, workshop trucks, etc. In the process of ensuring normal movement, in addition to considering its own structure, bearing capacity and other factors, there are certain requirements for the operating speed of industrial caster wheel. Below, I will give you a brief introduction.


When using caster wheel, it is best to consider in advance how to use the caster wheel, the required functions, and the conditions of use (range of use), and then consider the appropriate type. Pay attention to the following items: First, the appropriate load-bearing load refers to the general load-bearing capacity when moving and transporting by manual operation on a flat ground, and the ability to carry out long-term work processing under safe conditions. Loadability, you need to estimate the total weight of the object in advance, and then select the appropriate caster wheel according to the allowable load.

Normally, only three of the four caster wheel are subjected to force. When using caster wheel of different sizes, the overall maximum load capacity is calculated based on the caster wheel with the lowest load-bearing load.

For speed, the requirements for the speed of the caster wheel are: under normal temperature, at a height not higher than the walking speed, on flat ground, the general use situation is to stop working. caster wheel diameter 75 mm or less, 2 km/h or less, 100 mm or less, 4 km/h or less. According to the specific equipment for installing the caster wheel, determine the wheel diameter, material, installation method (such as flat plate mounting, screw mounting) and the type of caster wheel (such as flexible rotating, fixed, and stop). In short, according to the existing caster wheel varieties or various types of choices, the most suitable industrial caster wheel is selected after weighing.


There is no best, only the most suitable. It is recommended that users compare their caster wheel with their actual situation. It is recommended that before buying a caster wheel, you need to understand some options and how to use it in order to maximize the role of the caster wheel.

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