What are the cold and hot deformation of caster wheel?
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What are the cold and hot deformation of caster wheel?

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What are the cold and hot deformation of caster wheel?


Caster wheel thermal deformation

Caster wheel thermal deformation means that the metal material undergoes plastic deformation above its recrystallization temperature. During the thermal deformation of metal, due to the high temperature and the large mobility of atoms, the hardening caused by the deformation is immediately eliminated by recrystallization, so it has the following characteristics: thermal deformation causes the shrinkage, pores or voids inside the metal material to be compacted The coarse (dendritic) grain structure is recrystallized and refined, so that the internal structure of the metal is dense and fine, and the mechanical properties (especially toughness) are significantly improved and improved. The metal always maintains good plasticity during thermal deformation, which can cause a large amount of plastic deformation of the workpiece. And because the yield strength of the metal is low at high temperature, the deformation resistance is low and it is easy to deform.

Caster wheel cold deformation

Cold deformation of caster wheel means that the temperature of the metal during plastic deformation is lower than the recrystallization temperature of the metal. The characteristic of cold deformation is that the metal has a work hardening phenomenon after deformation, that is, the strength and hardness of the metal increase, and the plastic toughness decreases. Moreover, the products made by cold deformation have high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality. For those metal components that cannot or are difficult to improve the strength and hardness by heat treatment, especially thin-walled elongated parts, it is effective and economical to use the work hardening of metal in the forming process to improve the strength and hardness of the component. For example, all kinds of cold stamping parts, cold rolled cold extruded profiles, cold coil springs, cold drawn wires, cold heading bolts, etc., it can be seen that cold deformation processing is widely used in various industries. The products processed by cold deformation, some of which are complex parts or parts with higher requirements, need to be subjected to low temperature tempering treatment to eliminate internal stress but retain work hardening. Due to the work hardening phenomenon during the cold deformation process, the plasticity of the metal material is deteriorated, which makes it difficult for further plastic deformation. Therefore, cold deformation requires heavy and high-power equipment; the surface of the processed blank is clean, free of scale, smooth, etc. In addition, work hardening increases the electrical resistance at the metal deformation and reduces the corrosion resistance.

The above is the hot and cold deformation of caster wheel, I hope to help everyone.

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