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Universal casters

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Universal casters

The caster is arguably the simplest invention, and it has changed the way people move things around. It can be said that the emergence of casters is a revolution and progress.

Industrial casters are mainly used in trolleys, mobile scaffolding, shelving and other aspects. In other respects, industrial casters come in a wide variety of wheels, of different sizes, models, materials, etc.

The operating environment of universal caster, the operating environment, the deadweight of the product, the working environment contains chemicals, grease, oil, salt and other substances. All kinds of special weather, such as humidity, high temperature or cold, impact resistance, collision and driving sound requirements, we need to consider when using casters.


Universal casters are constructed from a single wheel mounted on a bracket, which is installed under the device to allow it to move freely.Casters are mainly divided into two categories: fixed casters fixed bracket with a single wheel can only move along a straight line.The movable caster's 360-degree steering bracket is equipped with a single wheel, which can be driven in any direction at will, due to the first choice of matching caster wheels: general wheels, made of nylon, rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber core polyurethane, cast iron, plastic, etc.Plastic wheels are used in high humidity environment, iron core polyurethane wheels are generally used in high-load factories and logistics vehicles, and different casters are selected according to different usage scenarios.

Generally, the first consideration is to load-bearing casters, such as supermarkets, families, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the air is good, smooth, each casters bearing 50-150 kg, small load, generally with 3-4mm steel plate stamping, welding molding, electroplating casters bracket.

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