The secret of silent caster wheel
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The secret of silent caster wheel

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Why the wheels of the trolley box and the wheels of the small cart are noisy and have a great taste. Why don't the caster wheel used in hospitals and hotels rub against the ground so loudly or smell so much? It turned out that they used silent caster wheel.

The silent caster wheel uses an environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer TPE as the material of the caster wheel skin. What material is TPE? TPE material has high elasticity, high strength, high resilience of rubber, temperature resistance of 50~115℃, excellent anti-skid property and shock absorption performance, softness and comfort is superior to rubber. TPE materials do not add phthalate plasticizers, toxic crosslinking agents such as sulfur and DCP during the production process, and TPE thermoplastic elastomer materials have a more flexible molecular chain structure, and the coefficient of friction with the ground is relatively It is small and there is basically no sound when rubbing with the ground. No traces are left on the floor and the floor is not destroyed. At the same time, the special styrene butadiene block structure of TPE material ensures that the material has high strength and wear resistance.


The reasons for the large friction coefficient of the surface of the silent caster wheel wheel and the ground and the large contact area often make it difficult to push when the load is high. This is why silent caster wheel are popular in the life industry. But there are fewer reasons for using it in industrial production. If you have questions about choosing caster wheel, please contact us. If you want to discuss more about caster wheel, please contact us. If you are curious about the production process of caster wheel, please come to our Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd..

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