The application of caster wheel drives the rhythm of the world
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The application of caster wheel drives the rhythm of the world

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The simplest invention has changed the way people move moving goods. It can be said that the emergence of caster wheel is a kind of change and progress. Among them, industrial caster wheel are mainly used in trolleys, mobile scaffolding, workshop trucks, etc.

There are many types of single wheels for industrial caster wheel, which vary in size, model, tire surface, etc. Choosing the right wheel depends on the following conditions: Use the site environment. The load capacity of the product. The working environment contains chemicals, grease, oil, salt and other substances. Various special climates, such as humidity, high temperature or severe cold E anti-shock, collision and quiet driving requirements.

The structure of the industrial caster wheel is composed of a single wheel mounted on a bracket, which is used to be installed under the equipment to make it move freely. caster wheel are mainly divided into two categories: fixed caster wheel. Fixed brackets are equipped with single wheels and can only move in a straight line. Movable caster wheel The 360-degree steering bracket is equipped with single wheels and can be driven in any direction at will.


Since the first option is to match the caster wheel wheels: the general wheels are made of nylon, rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber core package polyurethane, cast iron, plastic, etc. Plastic wheels are mostly used in high-humidity environments. Iron-core polyurethane wheels are generally used in high-load factories and logistics vehicles, and different caster wheel are selected according to different usage scenarios.

Choose caster wheel brackets: generally choose to consider load-bearing caster wheel first, such as supermarkets, homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places. Because the air is good and smooth, each caster wheel carries 50-150 kg, and the load is small, generally 3- 4mm steel plate stamping, welding forming, electroplating caster wheel wheel bracket.


Total weight of caster wheel: maximum load and number of caster wheel.

Universal caster wheel diameter: Generally, the larger the wheel diameter, the smaller the thrust load. It means that the bigger one can better take care of the ground without being damaged. The diameter of the wheel of the selected size should think about carrying weight. The single-wheel movement with greater maneuverability to keep the wheels rotating is more labor-saving. The needle roller bearings can carry heavier loads and move more resistance; the single-wheel mounted mass ball bearings can carry heavier loads and roll more efficiently.

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