Specification of tie rod box casters
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Specification of tie rod box casters

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Specification of tie rod box casters

You may have a problem when purchasing tie rod box casters, which is better to choose in tie rod box casters specification? Universal wheel or one-way wheel? Is universal wheel or unidirectional wheel more wear - resistant? Next I will tell you the selection of the bar box casters.

A universal wheel is called a caster, and its structure allows 360 degrees of horizontal rotation; One-way wheel on the contrary, can not rotate, universal wheel is not as wear-resistant as one-way wheel, universal wheel can only go smooth road surface, and one-way wheel can be suitable for all kinds of road surface.

The bigger the size of the casters of the tie bar box, the harder the more easy to use rubber, relative to the universal wheel is more easy to wear, as for the life is related to the drag of the road level.


Universal wheel is convenient in that carriers don't need to tilt luggage can be free to push and pull, the box is heavier, or narrow channel, this is a big advantage, each connected to the box body parts are easily damaged, broken one can not be used, the more heavy box more so, in the process of airport baggage, four roller is more flexible.

One-way the diameter of the wheel is compared commonly big, stable, good stress, high ability to resist sand smudgy, pulled on the potholes ground resistance is small, if it is boarding pull rod box, suggest a one-way wheel can be, if it is a check box, choose the universal wheel is better, because it's big and heavy, because universal casters will be more flexible in the process of walking stability.

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