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Medical truckle

Today we are going to talk about medical casters. In our daily life, various casters (hardware, furniture, industry), such as wheelbarrow casters, box casters, industrial shelf casters, etc., are generally made of rubber, foaming EVA, PU and other materials, and have an odor or noise when rolling on the ground. This makes the already restless society even noisier.

Compared with the casters used in daily life, the casters used in the medical industry have no peculiar smell and no noise when rubbing against the ground, which fully meet the relevant requirements of the medical industry. What's the secret inside?


TPE/TPU is a kind of environment-friendly, non-toxic and odorless thermoplastic elastomer material for medical casters, which is used for foot tire skin. TPU products have excellent bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption, and are the first choice for lining of medical continuous casting machine.

Many casters for children's buggies are made of vulcanized rubber or EVA foam and have a good smell and concern for environmental protection and safety. Many industrial casters and suitcase casters are made from PU as a tread material. Although they have a strong wear resistance, but due to the friction resistance with the ground, the rolling process is too loud noise.


However, the environmentally friendly TPE/TPU material is a completely non-toxic material without the addition of phthalate plasticizers and toxic cross-linking agents such as sulfur and DCP. The molecular chain structure of TPE/TPU thermoplastic elastomer material is relatively flexible, and the friction coefficient with the ground is small, and the noise is small when friction with the ground. At the same time, the TPE/TPU material has a unique butadiene block structure, which ensures the material has high strength and wear resistance. This is the secret of "environmental silence" for medical casters.

In addition to being used in the medical industry, this kind of silent caster is also popular in some high-end restaurants, airport terminals and other places.

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