How to solve the problem of rust?
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How to solve the problem of rust?

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How to solve the problem of rust?

The same industrial casters, why some easy to rust, and some are not easy to rust. As is known to all, casters placed in a wet place easy to rust casters, and placed in a dry place is not easy to rust; Casters exposed to the air is easy to rust, paint casters products are not easy to rust. Industrial casters are usually divided into industrial ball bearing casters and industrial ball bearing casters. But sometimes the casters will show the appearance of rust after being used for a period of time. So what is the reason for the formation of casters rust? How can caster manufacturer be useful to avoid caster rust?


Water vapor and oxygen are the reasons for the castor rust, light water will not make the castor rust, only when the oxygen dissolved in the air in the water, oxygen in the water environment and the chemical reaction of the caster, will oxidize the castor, forming the castor rust. Water vapor and oxygen are what make casters prone to rust. Only when the oxygen in the air dissolves in the water, the chemical reaction between the oxygen and the casters in the environment with water will produce something called oxidation casters, which is called casters rust.

Industrial caster rust is a brown-red substance that is not as hard as the caster and easily falls off. When a caster is completely rusted, the volume can be increased by eight times. If caster rust is not removed, this spongy form of caster rust is particularly easy to absorb water, and the caster rusts faster. So how do we prevent casters from rusting? In wet places, casters rust more easily than in dry places, because in wet places, casters are easier to touch with water, and painted casters are not easy to rust because of the effect of the paint on the air and water.

Therefore, to reduce the castor rust, should cut off the rust during a condition can be, can be painted on the caster, cut off the caster and air touch, so that the caster can effectively avoid the problem of rust.

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