How to prevent the industrial caster wheel bracket from rusting?
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How to prevent the industrial caster wheel bracket from rusting?

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Rusting of industrial caster wheel is a common phenomenon. The same heavy duty caster wheel, some are easy to rust, and some are difficult to rust. Industrial caster wheel placed in a humid place are prone to rust, but ultra-low heavy duty caster wheel placed in a dry place are not very rusty; castors exposed in the air are susceptible to rust, but painted shock-absorbing caster wheel are not Too easy to rust.

Why is there such a phenomenon? What factors are involved in heavy caster wheel rust?

Through experiments we found that water hair and oxygen are the reasons that make industrial caster wheel rust easily. Water alone will not rust industrial caster wheel. Only when oxygen in the air is dissolved in water, the chemical reaction between oxygen and heavy caster wheel in the water environment will produce something called oxidized caster wheel. caster wheel rust. caster wheel rust is a brownish-red substance that easily falls off. After a caster wheel is completely rusted, its volume can increase 8 times. If the caster wheel rust is not removed, this sponge-like caster wheel rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, and the caster wheel will rust faster.

Knowing the secret of industrial caster wheel rust, we can effectively prevent caster wheel rust. Castors in wet places are more likely to rust than heavy duty caster wheel in dry places, because industrial caster wheel in wet places are more likely to come in contact with water than shock-absorbing caster wheel in dry places. The painted ultra-low heavy duty caster wheel are not prone to rust because the paint acts to isolate air and water. If you want to reduce the rust of industrial caster wheel, you can start from the conclusion of the experiment and arbitrarily cut off one of the conditions of rust. If paint is applied on it, the contact between the heavy-duty caster wheel and the air is cut to prevent the product from rusting.

The surface treatment of caster wheel is an important measure to effectively prevent caster wheel from rusting. Its main methods are divided into galvanizing and electrophoresis. The two methods are widely used not only because of their unique anti-rust effect, but also Other advantages are as follows:


Advantages of galvanized surface treatment

1. The treatment cost is low, and the cost of galvanizing and rust prevention is lower than that of other paint coatings;

2. Strong anti-rust performance, the castor after galvanizing is not easy to rust for many years;

3. The reliability is good. The metallurgical combination between the galvanized layer and the steel becomes a part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable;

4. The coating has strong toughness, and the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand the mechanical damage suffered by the caster wheel during movement and use;

5. Comprehensive protection, every part of the plated parts can be galvanized, even in the universal wheel, caster wheel depression, sharp corners and hidden places can be fully protected;

6. Does not affect the welding, the metal surface can still be welded after galvanizing treatment, such as: spot welding after assembly.


Advantages of electrophoretic surface treatment

1. High strength, when the temperature is 150 ℃, the hardness can reach 3-4H;

2. Good leveling property, strong paint film feel, and good paint film slip feeling;

3. Good binding force and penetrating power, the paint has no holes, the wet film and dry film have strong binding force;

4. Good resistance to discoloration and anti-corrosion. When the baking temperature reaches 180℃-190℃, the workpiece will not change color, so the caster wheel products have a lasting and beautiful color, and excellent corrosion resistance

5. The uniformity of electrophoresis is good, the paint film is even and flat, and it can reach 10-25um within 30-150V, with high efficiency and low power consumption;

6. Good impact resistance and artificial sweat resistance;

7. It can be electrophoresed in various colors, such as black, coffee, red, blue, green and other colors. With matte ions, it can also achieve various effects such as semi-matte.

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