How to choose the right trolley caster wheel?
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How to choose the right trolley caster wheel?

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The trolley is our commonly used transportation tool. The most important part is the industrial caster wheel installed on the trolley. The easy-to-use trolley caster wheel can make the trolley effortless and light, and the car is less noisy and more durable.


So how to choose the right trolley caster wheel?

1. The selection of the weight of the trolley caster wheel, first of all, you must consider the maximum load that your trolley uses to pull the goods. For example, the total load of your trolley is 1 ton. The trolley is generally installed with 4 caster wheel, but the load is important to be divided according to 3 caster wheel, because in the caster wheel industry Inside, the force of the caster wheel has a safety factor, and the caster wheel may not be stressed at the same time during the pushing process, so the load is calculated according to the three caster wheel. For example, for a trolley with a total load of 1 ton, you must choose a caster wheel with a single wheel load of more than 300KG.

2. Selection of the size of the trolley wheel, the size of the general trolley wheel is 4/5/6/8 inch, and the width of the wheel is 40/48/50mm. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the wider the width of the wheel, the lighter and easier the push of the trolley. Of course, the larger the price of the wheel, the higher the price.

3. Choice of trolley caster wheel materials: there are many kinds of caster wheel materials, different caster wheel can be selected according to the different grounds used by the cart, such as concrete floors, epoxy floors can use polyurethane caster wheel, hotel carts can be used Silent caster wheel made of TPR material.


In summary, when choosing an industrial caster wheel, you should choose the caster wheel that suits you according to your own requirements, play the role of every penny, and reduce the cost of replacement.

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