How to choose supermarket shopping cart caster wheel?
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How to choose supermarket shopping cart caster wheel?

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Shopping cart caster wheel--It has been widely used in large supermarkets. It is with shopping cart caster wheel that everything looks comfortable and comfortable. Without them, shopping will not be easy. Heavy loads, high barriers, and the vast difference between the cold storage area and the store counters, all of which place extremely high demands on the shopping cart caster wheel. The gradual increase of multi-storey shops and large-scale comprehensive shopping malls makes caster wheel (elevator wheels) for escalators widely used, thus ensuring that consumers can come and go from floor to floor. The caster wheel of supermarket shopping carts largely determine the comfort and safety of supermarket shopping carts. Therefore, the supermarket shopping cart caster wheel is a very important and important indicator.

How to choose supermarket shopping cart caster wheel?

1. Selection of materials for supermarket trolley caster wheel. Generally speaking, the selection of caster wheel for supermarket shopping carts should be based on ground conditions, wheel load and other conditions. For example: rubber wheels are not resistant to chemicals such as acid and grease, while polyurethane and nylon are suitable for different environments;

2. Selection of softness and hardness of caster wheel in supermarket shopping carts: Super polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, and high-strength polyurethane wheels can be suitable for indoor and outdoor ground driving; high-strength artificial caster wheel are suitable for driving on the ground that requires quietness in hotels and hospitals;

3. The larger the diameter of the wheels of the supermarket shopping cart, the more labor-saving it is. As a supermarket shopping cart caster wheel, how to make customers more labor-saving is very important, because customers certainly do not want to push a heavy car to purchase goods. Therefore, when the supermarket chooses the caster wheel wheels, it must choose the wheels with larger diameter wheels;

4. The temperature in general supermarkets is relatively suitable, so when choosing caster wheel, the temperature requirements are relatively small. But in different places, you should also choose the caster wheel material suitable for different temperatures, because Yan Qian and high temperature occasions have a great influence on the caster wheel. If you are in the north, you should choose caster wheel with polyurethane as the material;

5. As a caster wheel of a supermarket shopping cart, its bearing capacity must also be calculated. If a customer buys a relatively heavy product, such as rice, the caster wheel fails, which will affect the customer's desire to shop. To calculate the load-bearing weight, one must know the weight of the transport trolley, the maximum load, and the number and number of wheels used.


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