How to choose a suitable caster wheel?
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How to choose a suitable caster wheel?

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How to choose a suitable caster?


There are many ways to choose caster wheel, different factors determine the choice of caster  wheel, the key is to choose the most suitable for your use. The following recommends several methods for selecting caster wheel.

suitable caster wheel

First, the carrying capacity

Determine the load capacity that a single caster wheel needs to achieve according to the design load. The load-bearing capacity of caster wheel is the most basic and critical requirement for caster wheel, and a certain safety margin should be left.

Second, the use of site conditions
Select the appropriate wheel material according to the actual working conditions of the caster wheel. When used on rough ground, it should be resistant to wear, elastic rubber, polyurethane or super artificial rubber wheels; work under special high or low temperature, or the working environment has a large temperature difference, you should choose metal wheels or special High temperature resistant wheels; where it is required to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, it is best to use special anti-static wheels, or metal wheels (if the ground does not require protection); when there are a lot of corrosive media in the working environment, it should be correspondingly Choose wheels with good corrosion resistance. According to the requirements of the use environment for the adaptability of casters, select the most suitable model.

Third, rotation flexibility
High-precision ball bearings operate particularly smoothly and flexibly, and are especially suitable for high-end equipment and quiet environments; Terring bearings made of high-quality DuPont engineering plastics are widely adapted to various corrosive media; elaborate needle bearings are still easy under heavy pressure Comfortable; to protect the beautiful floor, please use soft rubber, polyurethane and super artificial rubber caster wheel; in order to avoid leaving unsightly wheel marks on the ground, please choose the special gray rubber caster wheel, polyurethane wheels, super Artificial rubber wheels and other wheels without wheel marks.

Fourth, temperature requirements

Severe cold and scorching heat can cause trouble for many wheels. It is best to choose wheels that are compatible with the ambient temperature.

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