How to adjust the uneven ground with shock-absorbing caster wheel?
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How to adjust the uneven ground with shock-absorbing caster wheel?

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The shock-absorbing caster wheel can adjust the uneven ground because of its special structure. Rubber shock-absorbing caster wheel, with rubber as cushioning material; spring shock-absorbing caster wheel, with spring as cushioning material; and some caster wheel with rubber and spring as cushioning material.

Shock-absorbing caster wheel play an extremely important role in industry, measures to mitigate the impact of machinery in mechanical vibration. There are various impact problems in the project. The landing of the aircraft, the rapid reciprocating movement of machine tool components, the lifting or falling of the packaging, etc. will cause the machinery and foundation to be impacted. Under the impact of the impact, the mechanical parts will produce a lot of dynamic stress and may cause damage, and the surrounding machinery and buildings may also be harmed. Therefore, in mechanical engineering, all unnecessary impacts should be buffered or isolated. For example, cushioning materials must be placed at the bottom of the anvil of forging machinery; in order to ensure that precision machinery or instruments are not damaged during lifting and transportation, reliable cushioning measures should be taken.


Cushioning is different from vibration isolation and vibration reduction. It uses a cushioning device to absorb the impact energy, and then convert it into heat energy, or gently release it to extend the time of the speed change, so as to minimize the impact of mechanical equipment. .

During the operation of the shock-absorbing caster wheel, the kinetic energy of the object vibration is stored by the elastic body as its own elastic potential energy. The fluctuation of the elastic potential energy ensures the safety of the loaded object.

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