How is the surface of the caster wheel bracket handled?
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How is the surface of the caster wheel bracket handled?

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How is the surface of the caster wheel bracket handled?


Everyone who has used caster wheel knows that all kinds of caster wheel brackets have been surface treated, whether you are a fixed caster wheel bracket or a universal caster wheel bracket. Why do caster wheel manufacturers do surface treatment of brackets? This is mainly because the brackets are stamped from iron or steel. In our daily use, iron or steel is easily oxidized with oxygen to rust the entire bracket, affecting the surface and normal use. Caster wheel manufacturers must surface-treat the caster wheel bracket.

There are many surface treatments for caster wheel brackets. We usually see galvanization. Because it has strong applicability and low cost, everyone also has a special liking for it. So what surface treatments are available for caster wheel brackets? And what are the differences in the surface treatment characteristics of these caster wheel brackets?

Features: The new oxide is denser and protects the inner metal from oxidative corrosion.

Features: It is more resistant to friction and impact than traditional spray paint. The coating has excellent appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength.

Color plating:
Features: Protect the internal metal from corrosion, and the product appearance is more beautiful.

Features: strong adhesion, the paint film is not easy to fall off, continuous bending does not expose the skin, the thickness of the paint film is uniform in any part of the workpiece. Eliminates bad faults such as skinning and tear marks that occur during spraying. Comply with environmental protection, water-based paint, non-toxic, non-polluting, no residue of harmful substances.


Regardless of whether the caster bracket is galvanized, sprayed, color plated or electrophoretic, these surface treatments are to prevent the caster wheel bracket from being corroded. And their surface treatment methods are different, and their characteristics are also different, so the final effect is also different, so when we choose which type of caster wheel surface treatment method, we should choose different surface treatment methods according to needs.

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