How can I maximize the use of polyurethane caster wheel?
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How can I maximize the use of polyurethane caster wheel?

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1. General safe operation of caster wheel

Users should pay attention to the correct operation method and maintenance of the equipment. If the operation is wrong, some products will be easily damaged and may hurt the user. The correct use of products and effective maintenance will enable the caster wheel to maximize their working effect. Do not overload the equipment, pay attention to handling it lightly, and try not to operate at high speed to avoid strong impact and vibration, otherwise the  caster wheel, wheels and equipment will not work properly.

2. Check the structure and fasteners of the equipment

Check the rotating equipment on the side and end regularly, check the following items:

Check for broken welds or assembly parts;

Regularly check and tighten screws and nuts;

Check the structural deformation of the equipment due to overload or violent impact. For example, the bracket of the heavy-duty caster wheel may be able to damage the operation of the wheel due to uneven load bearing;

If it is a caster wheel with dry-type assembly, check that the assembly hole of the device is not bent and deformed, and can closely cooperate with the dry-type;
Try to use lock nuts or lock washers to install the locking  caster wheel;

If the caster wheel is equipped with expansion rubber sleeve rod type, make sure the position of the expansion rubber sleeve is fastened.

3.Maintenance and inspection of  caster wheel

Regularly judge whether the movable bracket of the caster wheel is overused according to the wear and tear. If the rotation joint of the caster wheel bracket is loose, it is recommended to replace the entire bracket assembly or the entire  caster wheel product. If the selection device of the universal wheel is locked by bolts and nuts, ensure that the assembly is strong and reliable. If the movable support of the universal wheel is not flexible, it should be checked whether it is corroded or there is dust, spun yarn, etc. adhered to the track of the bead plate. If necessary, it is recommended to replace the entire movable support or the entire  caster wheel product.
If one end of the equipment is equipped with directional wheel  caster wheel, make sure that the legs of the directional wheel are not bent and deformed. If deformation occurs, the legs or the entire directional wheel product must be replaced if necessary.

4.Caster wheel brake repair and inspection

For caster wheel equipped with brakes, regularly check whether the brakes work properly, and make a brake check every day or before each use. For equipment equipped with multiple brake caster wheel, you can only lock one brake caster wheel at a time to try to push the device to check whether the brake performance of each caster wheel is good. If the function of the caster wheel brakes fails due to wear or damage to the wheels, immediately replace the wheels and then retest the brake system. If the mechanism of the brake system of the caster wheel is damaged, the brake needs to be repaired or replaced. Every time the brakes are replaced, the brake performance of the caster wheel needs to be retested. Wanda caster wheel provide various performance and style caster wheel brakes, please contact us.

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