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There are basically two types of wrenches, dead wrenches and adjustable wrenches.The former refers to a wrench that has a fixed number written on it, while the latter refers to an adjustable wrench.

1.A spanner: an opening of fixed size made at one end or both ends for turning nuts or bolts of a certain size.

2. Box spanner: the working end with hexagonal hole or bihexagonal hole at both ends is suitable for the occasions when the working space is narrow and ordinary spanner cannot be used.

3. Combination spanner: one end is the same as the single spanner, the other end is the same as the box spanner, and both ends turn the bolt or nut of the same specification.

4. Adjustable wrench: the opening width can be adjusted within a certain size range, and can be used to turn bolts or nuts of different specifications.The structural feature of the wrench is that the fixed jaws are made of flat pliers with fine teeth.One end of the movable pliers is made into a flat pliers mouth;The other end is made into a concave clamp mouth with fine teeth;Press the worm downward, the movable clamp mouth can be removed quickly and the position of the clamp mouth can be changed.

5. Hook wrench: also known as crescent wrench, used for turning flat nut whose thickness is limited.

6. Socket wrench: it is made up of several sockets with hexagonal holes or bihexagonal holes and equipped with handles, connecting rods and other accessories. It is especially suitable for turning bolts or nuts with very narrow positions or deep depressions.

7. Hexagon wrench: L-shaped hexagon bar wrench, used for turning hexagon socket screw.The type of inner hexagon wrench is in accordance with the size of the opposite side of the six, the size of the bolt has national standards.Purpose: Used for fastening or removing round nuts on machine tools, vehicles and mechanical equipment.


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