Factors of casters wear
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Factors of casters wear

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Factors of casters wear

Furniture is indispensable in our daily life, so casters also play an important role in our life.

We all know that the weight of the furniture and the weight of the furniture itself leads to a significant increase in the carrying capacity of the furniture casters. And in the process of use, often push and pull will often accelerate the wear of casters, reduce the service life of furniture casters.

This kind of wear and tear belongs to normal to casters, but a few irregular behavior action also can cause unnecessary damage to casters, bring about furniture casters to produce damage, rupture, cannot move the appearance of the situation. In fact, some irregular behavior in the process of use is completely avoidable.


A few factors that accelerate furniture caster wear are summarized below:

1. Use on uneven or sloping floors, resulting in unbalanced casters.

2. The weight carried exceeds the maximum load of the instruction manual. The overload may cause an accident.

3. Non-routine use, such as tilting in places, will increase the possibility of caster damage.

4. Use in special circumstances, such as the presence of water, oil and salt on the floor.

5. Hit the wheel or caster assembly with a hammer.

6. Use in special places such as extreme humidity and temperature, resulting in abnormal conditions of components.

Above these are the important factor that can bring about furniture casters to accelerate wear. Use furniture casters should avoid the above situation as far as possible. Any mechanical part needs regular maintenance and repair to ensure long-term use. Generally in the use of the process to pay attention to maintenance work, you can maximize the use of furniture casters, furniture casters have a longer service life.

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