Common plastic types related to caster wheel product materials
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Common plastic types related to caster wheel product materials

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Advantages of plastic caster wheel: chemical resistance; light weight and strong; easy processing and mass production, cheap price; most of them are good insulators, plastic materials are light, chemically stable, will not rust and impact resistance is good. Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound {polymer (polymer), also known as macromolecules (macromolecules), is also commonly known as plastics (plastics) or resin (resin), you can freely change the shape style. It is a material that is polymerized by synthesis or condensation reaction using monomer raw materials, and is composed of synthetic resin and filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, colorant and other additives. So what are the commonly used plastic types related to  caster wheel?

ABS: Commonly known engineering plastics, which can be used for connectors, seat backs, and seat panels. It is the main raw material for plastics (water plating).

PP: Common name polypropylene, used for five-star feet, armrests, foot pads and connectors with low strength requirements. Disadvantages: poor wear resistance and low surface hardness.

PVC: Common name polyvinyl chloride, mainly used for edge banding and inserting conditions. It is suitable for extrusion molding. At the same time, PVC material is a non-combustible material in plastic parts. The temperature stability of processing molding is poor, especially the stability of color is not good.

PU: Common name polyurethane. Mainly used for armrest (foam) accessories.

POM: The popular name Saigang. Mainly used for wear-resistant parts such as foot pads, caster wheel, door hinges, hinges, etc. The performance is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, but the dimensional stability is poor.

PA: Common name nylon. Mainly used as foot pads, five-star claws,  caster wheel and other places with high wear resistance and long life requirements. Features: wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, high-strength indoor long service life, individual models such as PA66 high temperature resistance up to 2200, the disadvantage is that it is easy to change the performance under the sun, easy to break, and poor weather resistance.

PMMA: Plexiglass (commonly known as Acrylic). There are five kinds of transparent materials in plastic, and PMMA is one of the most transparent. The workpiece has an odor of acetic acid when it is cut, and the processing and deformation are easy. Disadvantages: the surface is easy to scratch, the hardness is low, and it is easy to crack when bending, and the price is more than 20% higher than ABS.

PC: Commonly known as polycarbonate. This variety is also a transparent material with high surface hardness, scratch resistance, strong impact resistance, high strength, and good weather resistance (that is, it is not afraid of sunlight). The sun screen of the screen partition in the furniture is the hollow extrusion molding of this material. Features: The cost is high, about 40% higher than PMMA.


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