Can the universal caster wheel be fixed with only three nails?
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Can the universal caster wheel be fixed with only three nails?

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Can the universal caster wheel be fixed with only three nails?

Some friends always like to have whimsy when using the universal caster wheel. They actually asked the question that the universal caster wheel can be fixed with only three nails. The following Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd. caster wheel will answer this question with you:


1. Install caster wheel according to specifications

It is emphasized again that if the caster wheel have four mounting holes and four screws, they must all be installed, which is sloppy. Although the installation of three nails can be used temporarily, but over a long period of time, it will fall off under special circumstances, which will lead to safety accidents, which is not worth the loss.

2. Theoretically fixed

Because from the point of view of physics, three points can form a triangle, which is a stable structure and can also be fixed. However, due to the special use scenario of the caster wheel, it needs to move and rotate frequently, and may also change the load capacity, encounter unexpected situations, etc., so all four screws are installed.

3. Universal caster wheel screws and bolts

The screw of the caster wheel is small, the head has a flat head, a cross head, etc., and the rod has external threads. The screw is usually used alone (sometimes with a washer). It is generally used for fastening or tightening. It should be screwed into the internal thread of the body. There are two types of machine screws: machine screws and set screws. There are many types of machine screws due to the different head shape and groove shape. Set screws: set screws are used to fix the relative position of parts. The head has a slot with a slot and a hexagon And square head and other types.


The head of the bolt is generally hexagonal, and the shaft has external threads. The bolt is widely used in detachable connection in mechanical manufacturing. It is generally used in conjunction with a nut (usually plus a washer or two washers). General-purpose bolts: There are many varieties, with hexagonal head and square head. Hexagon head bolts are the most common applications. They are divided into A, B, and C product grades according to manufacturing accuracy and product quality. A and B grades are the most used. They are mainly used for important, high-precision assembly, and subject to large impacts, vibration, or Variable load place.

Special purpose bolts: including T-slot bolts, articulated bolts and anchor bolts. T-slot bolts are mostly used in places where frequent disconnection is required; anchor bolts are used to fix racks or motor bases in cement foundations, and are generally used for steel structures such as buildings, bridges, towers, pipe supports, and lifting machinery. For friction type connection.

Share: In short, when the universal caster wheel has only three nails, don't rush to use it. Either buy a new one, or find a place to buy a single screw and match it with four. All are installed and used!

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