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2020 global caster wheel brand

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Top ten global brands in 2020 (in no particular order):

1. Auburn 2. Keshun 3. Easy to get 4. Kaixin 5. Dibby 6. Elephant 7. Heheng 8. Xiangrong Power 9. Rising 10. Love Card


From 2000 to the present, after the initial period of the caster wheel industry in China, the industry has entered a growth period. Many domestic caster wheel enterprises have become technology-leading and large-scale leading enterprises, leading the healthy and rapid development of my country's caster wheel industry.

At present, the domestic caster wheel market is divided into high, medium and low grades, of which the high-end caster wheel brands are mainly German TENTE, WICKE, FOOTMASTER, and NANSIN. , American COLSON and other well-known foreign caster wheels; mid-range caster wheels mainly include Foshan Global (GLOBE), Zhongshan Xiangrong (SUPO), Shunde Yinghe (INFORD), Zhejiang Easy Deli (EDL), Shanghai Linchun, Jiangsu Shen Brand, Hubei Shuangling, HERDA, JARVIS and other major brands. In addition, Taiwan's victory, Guangzhou Xinxing, Jiangmen Dawang, Zhongshan Houde, Guangzhou Mingze, Guangzhou Kesheng, Nanhai Kesheng, Zhongshan Changcheng and other less influential caster wheels also have a certain share in the mid-range caster wheel market; low-end caster wheels are mainly concentrated in a large number of small factories in Hengshui, Hebei, Zhongshan.


The caster wheel manufacturing industry has risen in China for just thirty years, and the caster wheel manufacturing industry is booming. caster wheel manufacturers are blooming everywhere. The variety of products is becoming more and more abundant. In particular, with the continuous increase in the labor cost of enterprises in recent years, the reduction of high-intensity labor transportation labor and the improvement of production logistics transportation efficiency have become a major trend.

The Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd. caster wheels are based on the quality of the US shun caster wheels and the price of the Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd. caster wheels. The products of Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd. caster wheels are not inferior to the American Keshun caster wheels in terms of appearance and performance. At the same time, a large number of personnel are invested in development and service to ensure that the products produced by Ningbo Central Metal Products Co., Ltd. caster wheels will adapt to the trends and trends of the society, whether in the present or in the future.

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